Clickable Prototypes

Clickable Prototypes

Often, I work so closely with HTML front end developers we can skip the clickable prototyping process, but other times it helps to have something to show stakeholders and users before we start coding. In one case, I designed an enterprise marketing cloud application for Email, SMS and Push notification messages for a marketing company focused on the restaurant industry. I took requirements from the legacy systems in place for three different Email marketing platforms and combined them into one new platform. It was so complicated I just decided it made more sense to create a prototype to illustrate the big picture, mainly because we had so many front end developers. It also helped me and the product owner to flesh out requirements in advance.

For this, I used Axure to create a clickable wireframe prototype. Note that not all pages and flows in these prototypes have been fleshed out. A separate Axure was used for the segmentation and Email editor portions of the design. From this, the front end was built by teams onshore and offshore over about an 8 month period of time for the first release. Note that a color palette and style guide had not been determined at this point in the project so much of this UI is placeholder.

Marketing cloud prototype

Segment builder prototype

Email marketing redesign prototype

Another segment builder prototype

Client               Marketing platform
Tools Used     Axure RP